Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learning things

OK---so on my last blog post I stated that I liked blogging more than facebook......well, I have learned a few things since then. Just a few. My sweet niece sent me a note on facebook on then "inbox" . Well, I know what things like the "in-crowd" and being "in-the-groover" mean but the inbox I learned is just between us chickens. Hey, that's good because I felt like facebook was just too open for me sometimes.

OK-I'm good with that. Now, if I can just figure out how all those "friends" other friends stuff comes up to me when I am not their friend! Who's on first.......I have no idea.

What a wacky world in which we live but life is good. I am not stressing just because I am not in the "cyberspace" groove. I am ok with just being me. Never mind I don't know all those terms and I still don't know how to post a photo on my blog.
Hey, I am learning.

Give me time.

While I am learing I am just lovin reading about Travis, Bethie, Dianne and Karen and all the interesting things going on in their lives.

Ain't life grand!

I am turning myself in early tonight for some good , peaceful shut eye. Need to catch up with about 3 extra hours tonight.

nite nite


Dianne said...

You're doing very well in the world of cyberspace. I'm proud of you!

Karen P. said...

It seems like you have lots of this computer stuff down quite well!